Selling Your Property

How to sell your property in Spain?

The only thing you have to do is to contact us in SOLALBIR of course, and then we will make an appointment with you, to visit your property, and give you an estimate of the todays market price of your property.

We will shoot some good photos of the exterior and interior of your property; we will inform you about your taxes you have to pay of your profit you get when selling your property etc. Later we sign the “sales agreement contract” with you, which give us the rights to advertise and to list your property on the market.

In this contract we also agree about the commission fee we will receive when selling your property, this is normally 5% + iva.

If we do not succeed to sell your property, you don’t pay us anything, of course.

Before we list your property on our web site, and in our real estate office, we will send you our ¬†presentation of your¬†property which shows you how we are advertising your property and you can approve, or do some changes regarding the photos or text, etc…

Thereafter we will check out if there is a perfect match between your property and our register of clients, and of course, inform them about our new property in our portfolio.

If you want to purchase an another property after we have sold your property we will of course do everything we can, to help you out to find and realize this as well.

Remember, that we do the entire after sale services, such as changing over the regular bills from the water and electricity companies etc.

We in SOLALBIR will be happy to help you out selling your property, so contact us today.